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#10 Engineering Kit 2701APM HEXSEALScrews & Fasteners #10 Engineering Kit 5701out of stock, you can ask lead time by adding item to cart
#1051045Phoenix ContactМаркер 17-32available 4 pc(s)
lead time 5 days
#1051045Phoenix ContactМаркер 33-64available 4 pc(s)
lead time 5 days
#1051045Phoenix ContactМаркер "1"available 6 pc(s)
lead time 5 days
#1051045Phoenix ContactМаркер 2-16available 4 pc(s)
lead time 5 days
#10FWZB&F Fastener SupplyDescription: WASHER FLAT #10 STEEL
Material: Steel
Plating: Zinc
Diameter - Outside: 0.505" (12.80mm)
Diameter - Inside: 0.217" (5.51mm)
Thread/Screw/Hole Size: #10
Type: Flat
available 4200 pc(s)
lead time 21-31 days