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Part numberManufacturerDescriptionAvailabilityPrice VAT not included
02A-141ICS04+available 300 pc(s)
lead time 14-28 days
02A112HeycoCable Mounting & Accessories GPOP-1000Wht #AB02620168out of stock
02A140HeycoAC Power Plugs & Receptacles POWER BLADEout of stock
02A212HeycoCable Mounting & Accessories DP 500-L284 OFF WHITE 66590out of stock
02A212DKHeycoCable Mounting & Accessories DP 500-L284 CONAB64620207out of stock
02A212DLHeycoCable Mounting & Accessories DP 500-L284 CONAB82620293out of stock
02A212DMHeycoCable Mounting & Accessories DP 500-L284 CONAB34620368out of stock
02A212DNHeycoCable Mounting & Accessories DP 500-L284 CONAB94620270out of stock
02A212DOHeycoCable Mounting & Accessories DP 500-L284 CONAB73620512out of stock
02A212DPHeycoCable Mounting & Accessories DP 500-L284 CONAB83620295out of stock
02A212DQHeycoCable Mounting & Accessories DP 500-L284 CONAB84620294out of stock
02A212EHHeycoConduit Fittings & Accessories DP 500-L284 SANDSTONE 66591out of stock
02A212EMHeycoCable Mounting & Accessories DP 500-L284 BRONZE AB836203out of stock
02A212FXHeycoCable Mounting & Accessories DP 500-L284 TERRATONE 66589out of stock
02A242HeycoCable Mounting & Accessories FLEX LTF 170-450 BLK W/ SQUARE BASEout of stock
02A312FC1-0092TE Connectivity / P&BSolenoidsout of stock
02A312HC2-0030TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and MarineDescription: RELAY GEN PURPOS DPDT 2A 26.5VDCout of stock
02A312HC2-0030TE Connectivity / AMPIndustrial Relays 02A312HC2-0030 = M5757/8-002out of stock
02A312HC2-0030TE ConnectivitySignal Relay with Low current ratingavailable 9 pc(s)
lead time 21-31 days
1+ 482172.61 UAH
2+ 222219.56 UAH
3+ 155321.65 UAH
02A3A-120-XMDON SemiconductorImage Sensors P1239-A3-R 710239-A3-Rout of stock
02A472CHeycoCable Glands, Strain Reliefs & Cord Grips EMC PG7-60 CAP BLACKout of stock
02A472GHeycoCable Glands, Strain Reliefs & Cord Grips EMC BRASS PG7-60 GLANDout of stock
02A4A-140-XMDON SemiconductorImage Sensors PI240MC-A4 710240-A4out of stock
02A4A-141-XMDON SemiconductorImage Sensors PI207MC-A4 R 710207MC-A4Rout of stock
02A4A-142-XMDON SemiconductorImage Sensors PI204MC-A4-R 710204-A4-Ravailable 100 pc(s)
lead time 14-21 days
02A4A-144-XMDON SemiconductorImage Sensors PI214MC-DR-OR 710214DRORout of stock
02A4A-146-XMDON SemiconductorImage Sensors PI205MC-A4-R 710205-A4-Rout of stock
02A4M-131-XMDON SemiconductorImage Sensors PI227MCA4R 710227-A4-R ROout of stock
02A4M-133-XMDON SemiconductorImage Sensors P1260MC-A4-Rout of stock
02A4M-137-XMDON SemiconductorPI262MC-A4-RTout of stock
02A4M-138-XMDON SemiconductorImage Sensors P1262MC-A4-Rout of stock
02A6A-125-XMDON SemiconductorImage Sensors PI225MC-A6 710225-A6out of stock
02A6A-158-XMDON SemiconductorImage Sensors PI257MC-A6-R 710257-A6 Rout of stock
02AS102-K03S3RosenbergerDescription: PRECISION 2.92 ATTENUATORout of stock
02AS102-K03S3RosenbergerAttenuators - Interconnects ATTENUATORout of stock
02AS102-K06S3RosenbergerDescription: PRECISION 2.92 ATTENUATORout of stock
02AS102-K06S3RosenbergerAttenuators - Interconnects ATTENUATORout of stock
02AS102-K06S4RosenbergerAttenuators - Interconnects CALIBRATION KITout of stock
02AS102-K10S3RosenbergerAttenuators - Interconnects ATTENUATORout of stock
02AS102-K10S3RosenbergerDescription: PRECISION 2.92 ATTENUATOR
Power (Watts): 500mW
Packaging: Bag
Package / Case: 2.92mm In-Line Module
Attenuation Value: 10dB
Part Status: Active
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Frequency Range: 0 Hz ~ 40 GHz
out of stock
02AS102-K10S4RosenbergerAttenuators - Interconnects CALIBRATION KITout of stock
02AS102-K20S3RosenbergerDescription: PRECISION 2.92 ATTENUATORout of stock
02AS102-K20S3RosenbergerAttenuators - Interconnects ATTENUATORout of stock
02AS102-K20S4RosenbergerAttenuators - Interconnects ADAPTORout of stock
02AS102-K40S3RosenbergerAttenuators - Interconnects ATTENUATORout of stock
02AS102-K40S3RosenbergerDescription: PRECISION 2.92 ATTENUATORout of stock
02AS102-K40S4RosenbergerAttenuators - Interconnects ADAPTORout of stock
02AS122-K20S3RosenbergerAttenuators - Interconnects ATTENUATORout of stock
02AS122-K20S4RosenbergerAttenuators - Interconnects CALIBRATION ADAPTORout of stock
02AS122-K40S3RosenbergerAttenuators - Interconnects ATTENUATORout of stock
02AS122-K40S4RosenbergerAttenuators - Interconnects ADAPTORout of stock
02AVMSOP-8available 400 pc(s)
lead time 14-28 days
02AZD810DMitutoyo America Corporation02AZD810Davailable 1 pc(s)
lead time 21-31 days
1+ 40211.58 UAH