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Part numberManufacturerDescriptionAvailabilityPrice VAT not included
1G0265-3Anaren IncRF HYBRID COUPLERavailable 53 pc(s)
lead time 21-31 days
4+ 3255.89 UAH
1G0265-3AnarenSignal Conditioning 1.35-1.85GHz 100Watt IL .3dB Iso 22dBavailable 3 pc(s)
lead time 14-21 days
1G0265-3AnarenDescription: RF DIR COUPLER 1.35GHZ-1.85GHZout of stock
1G03UMAltechCircuit Breakers .3A G Characteristic UL 508 1 POLEout of stock
1G03UMAltech CorporationDescription: 1G03UM0.3A CIRCUIT BREAKER G CHAavailable 12 pc(s)
lead time 21-31 days
12+ 1469.58 UAH
1G05UMAltechCircuit Breakers .5A G Characteristic UL 508 1 POLEavailable 6 pc(s)
lead time 14-21 days
1+ 1467 UAH
5+ 1246.91 UAH
10+ 1038.34 UAH
25+ 1012.27 UAH
1G06ApemSwitch Bezels / Switch Caps Gf Button Whiteout of stock
1G0617-10AnarenSignal Conditioning 4.0-8.0GHz 50 Watt IL .5 dB Inlineout of stock
1G0617-10AnarenDescription: COUPLER 10DB 4GHZ-8GHZ INLINEout of stock
1G0617-20AnarenSignal Conditioning 4.0-8.0GHz 100 Watt IL .5 dB Inlineavailable 5 pc(s)
lead time 14-21 days
1G0617-20AnarenDescription: COUPLER 20DB 4GHZ-8GHZ INLINEout of stock
1G0618-10AnarenSignal Conditioning 8.0-12.4GHZ 50 Watt IL .6dB Inlineout of stock
1G0618-10AnarenDescription: COUPLER 10DB 8GHZ-12.4GHZ INLINEout of stock
1G0618-20AnarenSignal Conditioning 8.0-12.4GHZ 100 Watt IL .6dB Inlineout of stock
1G0618-20AnarenDescription: COUPLER 20DB 8GHZ-12.4GHZ INLINEout of stock
1G0618-6AnarenSignal Conditioning 8.0-12.4GHZ 20 Watt IL .6dB Inlineout of stock
1G0618-6AnarenDescription: COUPLER 6DB 8GHZ-12.4GHZ INLINEout of stock
1G0619-20AnarenDescription: COUPLER 20DB 12.4-18GHZ INLINEout of stock
1G08UMAltechCircuit Breakers .8A G Characteristic UL 508 1 POLEavailable 129 pc(s)
lead time 14-21 days
1G09ApemSwitch Bezels / Switch Caps Gf Button Blackout of stock