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21A11B10'VISHAY''Round Vernier Scale 46.02 mm Dia 15 Turn Dial'
package quantity: 10 pc(s)
out of stock, you can ask leadtime by adding item to cart
21A11B10VISHAYKnob with counting dial with brake function Dimensions: 46 x 25.4mm, number of mechanical turns: 15 21A11B10 Vishay PO 21A11B10
package quantity: 2 pc(s)
available 1 pc(s)
leadtime 7-14 days
2+ 89.9 EUR
21A11B10VISHAYMaterial: G-21-1-11 Precision knobs for shaft potentiometersavailable 94 pc(s)
leadtime 7-14 days
3+ 24.15 EUR
21AB SOP available 44 pc(s)
leadtime 7-21 days
21AN53TTI QFP available 133 pc(s)
leadtime 7-21 days