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Part numberManufacturerDescriptionAvailabilityPrice VAT not included
3SF11SHARP04+available 350 pc(s)
lead time 14-28 days
3SF11SHARP02+ DIPavailable 3 pc(s)
lead time 14-28 days
3SF11SHARP04+ DIP-5available 350 pc(s)
lead time 14-28 days
3SF11available 1550 pc(s)
lead time 14-28 days
3SF11141KA001BA1SiemensDescription: LIMSW ,ROUND PLUNGER,2NC,SLOW,M1out of stock
3SF11241KA001BA2SiemensDescription: LIMSW ,ROUND PLUNGER,2NC,SLOW,M1out of stock
3SF11241LA001BA2SiemensDescription: LIMSW ,ROUND PLUNGER,2NC,SNAP,M1
Packaging: Box
Mounting Type: Chassis Mount
Circuit: DPST-NC
Switch Function: On-Mom
Operating Temperature: -25°C ~ 60°C
Termination Style: Connector
Actuator Type: Round (Pin Plunger)
Ingress Protection: IP66/IP67 - Dust Tight, Water Resistant, Waterproof
Part Status: Active
out of stock
3SF12441LC051BA2SiemensDescription: LIMSW ,ROUND PLUNGER,2NC,SNAP,M1out of stock
3SF21NS04+ DIPavailable 244 pc(s)
lead time 14-28 days
3SF32DZFGCBGAavailable 3325 pc(s)
lead time 14-28 days
3SF32DZFGCBGAavailable 40 pc(s)
lead time 14-28 days
3SFR0SemtechDiode Switching 1KV 3.25A 2-Pin Case G-4out of stock