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Part numberManufacturerDescriptionAvailabilityPrice VAT not included
4N60to-220/fAATavailable 5000 pc(s)
lead time 14-28 days
4N60available 5000 pc(s)
lead time 14-28 days
4N60 AATTO-220/F 08+available 5000 pc(s)
lead time 14-28 days
Product id: 71938
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4N64EB51N00138Laird Technologies EMIDescription: IO NICU MESHG PU V0 RECout of stock
4N64EB51N00138LairdEMI Gaskets, Sheets, Absorbers & Shielding IO,NiCu,MeshG,PU,V0 .060x.750x1.384inout of stock
4N64EM51N00138Laird Performance MaterialsHeat Shrink Cable Boots & End Caps STRESS BOOT, RG174 (YELLOW) MTO BULKout of stock