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Part numberManufacturerDescriptionAvailabilityPrice VAT not included
5/8"-18YDS-11833M (TC)Description: RF EMI SHLDING TAPE 54'X0.625"
Packaging: Bulk
Material: Tin-Plated Copper Foil
Length: 54.000' (16.50m)
Type: Shielding Tape
Width: 0.625" (15.88mm)
Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 130°C
Adhesive: Conductive, Single Sided
Thickness - Overall: 0.003" (0.07mm)
Part Status: Active
available 7 pc(s)
lead time 21-31 days
1+ 4508.92 UAH
5/8-18APM HEXSEALScrews & Fastenersout of stock
5/8-18 AJ 6APM HexsealDescription: HEX SEAL NUT 15/16" STEEL 5/8-18out of stock
5/8-18 AJ 6APM HEXSEALScrews & Fasteners SEELNUTS 5/8-18 THREADout of stock
5/8-20-SJ3000-BLK3M (TC)Description: HOOK&LOOP STRIP BLACK 31LBS 20'available 29 pc(s)
lead time 21-31 days
1+ 1355.59 UAH
10+ 1143.18 UAH
25+ 1093.79 UAH
5/8-20-SJ3000-RED3M (TC)Description: RECLOSABLE FSTNR 5/8" X 20FT REDavailable 9 pc(s)
lead time 21-31 days
5/8-5-SJ3000-BLK3M (TC)Description: 3M SJ3000 BLACK SCOTCHMATE HOOKout of stock
5/8-50-SJ3000-BLK3M (TC)Description: 3M SJ3000 BLACK SCOTCHMATE HOOKout of stock
5/8-75-SJ3000-BLK3M (TC)Description: 3M SJ3000 BLACK SCOTCHMATE HOOKout of stock
5/8FT-11 A
Product id: 126029
Connectors, Interconnect > Coaxial (RF) Connectors
5/8M-FF A
Product id: 126030
Connectors, Interconnect > Coaxial (RF) Connectors