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Part numberManufacturerDescriptionAvailabilityPrice VAT not included
7FAA250KVishay / SpragueSpeciality Ceramic Capacitors 25pFout of stock
7FAA470JVishay / SpragueSpecialty Ceramic Capacitors 47pFout of stock
7FAA500JVishaySpecialty Ceramic Capacitors 50pFavailable 2 pc(s)
lead time 14-21 days
7FAA500JVishayCap Ceramic Single 50pF 7.5V C0G 5% 125°Cout of stock
7FAA500KVishay / SpragueSpeciality Ceramic Capacitors 50pFout of stock
7FAA500KVishayCap Ceramic Single 50pF 7.5V C0G 10% 125Cout of stock