Product id: 3787
Manufacturer: ST
Корпус: D-Pak (TO-252)
Uin, V: 20 V
Uout,V: 5 V
Iout,A: 0,5 A
Udrop, V: 0,35 V
Тип выхода: Фиксированный
Температурный диапазон: -40...125°C
Монтаж: SMD

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Technical description KF50BD

  • V REG LDO +5.0V, SMD, SOIC8
  • Voltage Regulator Type:Positive Fixed LDO
  • Max Input Voltage:20V
  • Max Output Voltage:5V
  • Max Output Current:0.5A
  • Dropout voltage:0.4V
  • Percentage Accuracy:2%
  • No. of Outputs:1
  • Min Supply Voltage:-0.5V
  • Max Supply Voltage:20V
  • Termination Type:SMD
  • Case Style:SOIC
  • No. of Pins:8
  • Operating Temperature Range:-40`C to +85`C
  • Max Operating Temperature:85`C
  • Min Temperature Operating:-40`C
  • Base Number:50
  • IC Generic Number:50
  • Min Input Voltage:5.4V
  • Operating Voltage Tolerance +:2%
  • Output Voltage:5V
  • Voltage Regulator IC Case Style:SOIC
  • Voltage:5V

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Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics
LDO Regulator Pos 5V 0.5A 8-Pin SO N Tube
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