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Part number: TDA8920CJ/N1.112

product id: 61028

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product id: 61028
Category: Electronic Components and Parts - Active Components - Microchips, ICs - Low-Frequency Amplifiers
TDA8920CJ/N1,112 1 available 19 pc(s)
leadtime 8-10 дней days
TDA8920CJ/N1.112 NXP DIL-24 Мультимедиа преобразователь
package quantity: 18 pc(s)
available 132 pc(s)
leadtime 14-20дней days
TDA8920CJ/N1,112 'NXP' 'Audio Amp Speaker 1-CH Mono/2-CH Stereo 210W Class-D 23-Pin DBS23P Tube'
package quantity: 18 pc(s)
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Technical description TDA8920CJ/N1,112

Price TDA8920CJ/N1,112

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