Вентилятор 60x60x38, 12V, (FFB0612EHE) (Delta Electronics) - Electronic Components and Parts - Fans and accessories

Вентилятор 60x60x38, 12V, (FFB0612EHE)

Вентилятор 60x60x38, 12V, (FFB0612EHE)

Product id: 111072
Manufacturer: Delta Electronics
Габаритные размеры, mm: 60x60x38 mm
Напряжение, В: 12 DC
Мощность, W: 9,6 W
Шум, dB: 54,5 dB
Скорость вращения, об/мин: 8000 об/мин

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Technical description Вентилятор 60x60x38, 12V, (FFB0612EHE)

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Manufacturer: Delta Electronics
Description: FAN AXIAL 60X38MM 12VDC WIRE
Termination: 2 Wire Leads
RPM: 8000 RPM
Power (Watts): 9.6W
Noise: 54.5dB(A)
Features: Locked Rotor Protection
Fan Type: Tubeaxial
Bearing Type: Ball
Static Pressure: 0.972 in H2O (242.1 Pa)
Air Flow: 50.2 CFM (1.41m³/min)
Width: 38.00mm
Size / Dimension: Square - 60mm L x 60mm H
Voltage - Rated: 12VDC
Part Status: Obsolete
Packaging: Tray
Operating Temperature: 14 ~ 158°F (-10 ~ 70°C)
Approval Agency: CE, CSA, UL, VDE
Weight: 0.234 lb (106.14 g)
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